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Telling tales

by Caroline Blundell

Driving down this country road from over there to here My thoughts are turning around like the wheels and I'm thinking of you my dear I'm looking at this road we're on and the landscape on both sides And the bridges and fences which cross over and divide Chorus: Cross over and divide my dear, cross over and divide And the bridges and fences which cross over and divide Bridges make it safe to cross Fences keep us safe inside Fences are our boundaries Bridges cross the deep and wide Of bridges and fences it's the bridges I would choose They are lovelier to look at but more difficult to do More difficult to do my dear, more difficult to do, They are lovelier to look at, but more difficult to do I thought that I could build a bridge to reach into your heart But instead I found that I have got a fence in my back yard And it's easy now I'm sure my dear, for anyone to see That it's me who has my heart fenced in and you who is running free That it's me who has my heart fences in and you who is running free Driving down this country road from over there to here My thoughts are turning around like the wheels and I'm thinking of you my dear I'm looking at this road we're on, and the landscape on both sides And the bridges and fences which cross over and divide Cross over and divide my dear, cross over and divide And the bridges and fences which cross over and divide
Changes 04:55
Looking back it seems like a dream All these years of swimming upstream Against the tide of what I feel Against the truth of what is real I need to make changes, changes, changes I need to make changes, changes, changes As within, so without We can make it happen there is no doubt Our world is what we sing inside What would happen if we all decide To make changes, changes, changes To make changes, changes, changes Break through the frozen earth of resignation And rise together on wings of freedom We can make this our intention And make changes, changes, changes And make changes, changes, changes In the dead of night there's a wolf at the door And he's whining on about needing more And he's breathing fear of not enough Not enough money, not enough love
Cupid 03:40
Cupid is a naughty boy, he has a poisoned dart Which he shoots with his bow and arrow Whenever he sees a heart on someone's sleeve The poison is passion, I believe And passion it can fool you into believing that it's love You get pierced by Cupid's dart then you're a fool for his love mmm Cupid is a pretty boy, he looks innocent and sweet But he'll go for the kill if he sees you wearing your heart upon your sleeve So put it away child Lock it up with a golden key And you only take it out when you're sure that it is safe Your heart is a precious gift so don't give it all away It's not like in the movies, it's not like in those books We're here to learn some lessons, we need to get unhooked There's no knight in shining armour, he's just the same as you Trying to find his way in the world and he doesn't know what to do Now I've been around that block my darling more than a time or two In fact I've walked it round so much, I've worn a groove in the path it doesn't change 'cause I don't put my heart away And now I find you crying after only a week or two Just step away and shut the door, coz he's not right for you
Dinosaurs 03:24
Dinosaurs they roamed the earth Millions of years ago Like the dragons in fairy tales Some of them were bigger than whales They roared and grunted and thrashed their tails Long before we were around Their mighty feet they shook the ground Chorus: Dinosaurs D D D D D D Dinosaurs Some dinosaurs were carnivores And that means they liked meat Some dinosaurs were herbivores And that means they liked greens The Brontosaurus was one of these With a tiny little brain the size of a peanut And a very long neck so he could reach The greenest leaves from the top of the trees Tyrannosaurus Rex, the King of the Beasts Was fierce and bold and he needed meat Feared by all because of his size And his massive jaws and teeth like knives And scary little blood red eyes He could run very fast with his thundering thighs The other beasts would run and hide And now I hear you asking me Where have these creatures gone? How come they aren't all still around When they were so big and fierce and strong? Well there was something bigger than they Which took the dinosaurs away All in flames it filled the sky There was nowhere to run and nowhere to hide It hit the ground with a frightening sound A METEOR the size of a town Dinosaurs.... no more dinosaurs Dinosaurs they roamed the earth, Millions of years ago Now Palaeontologists find their bones And their teeth and eggs all turned to stone That's how we know they were here But I wish a real one would appear! Triceratops and Stegosaurus Diplodocus and Giganotosaurus Tyrannosaurus Rex and Brontosaurus Dinosaurs! We would love to see Dinosaurs
They looked so enticing up there on the shelf In those shiny red shoes she could be someone else So she put them on and they made her feel bold Shoes made for dancing and seeing the world So she walked a few steps and she tried a few twirls She danced out the door, then the shoes danced the girl She was laughing at first as she danced down the street She felt as light as a leaf on the wind She danced past the church and waltzed past the school Feeling so free, she could make her own rules But she didn't know as she tapped and she twirled Through the streets of the town that the shoes danced the girl Chorus: Red as cherries, red as wine When she put them on she felt she was flying Red as lipstick, the red of desire The red of danger, of blood and of fire The girl became weary, but she couldn't stop They were glued to her feet, she could not get them off She crossed the bridge that led out of the town She needed to rest but the rhythm went on The craving to dance was stronger than she She danced for days till she came to the sea She danced down the beach to the incoming tide And the shoes danced the girl
Boogie Man 03:35
No no stop your talk You never let up just go away You twist the truth and you tell me lies You are not me though you have my name You're the shadow on the stair I'm watching you I know you're there No no shut your mouth I've got your number don't start again I won't listen to all your words The criticising and the blame I believed you all these years But I don't want to live in fear Chorus: You can run you can run as fast as you can But you'll never get away cos I'm the boogie man (x2) I'm in the cupboard, I'm under the bed, I'm in the dark, I'm in your head I'm in your head Oh but if you really leave How will I know who I am The person I believed was me Was defined by all this shame Just have to let go, don't know, Present, groundless, Breathing, being stay Repeat Verse 1 and Chorus
Once upon a time there were 3 little piggies They were as happy as the day was long Gather 'round and listen to my story For the choices they made are the reason for my song One day their mom said "Come now my piggies It's time for you to leave this happy home Go out and find a place to build your own houses But please take the time to make them really strong Because the Big Bad Wolf will come to your door He loves eating pork and he always wants more He'll say "Little pig, little pig, let me in!", And if your house isn't strong he will blow the door in. So please pay attention and mind what I say Or you won't live to see another day!" The first little piggy got some straw from a farmer He didn't care what his mother had said He was a lazy little piggy who didn't like to work He took the easy way and he ended up dead! The second little pig built his house of sticks He knew it would be easier than building with bricks He didn't remember the warnings of his mother Hell he even forgot what had happened to his brother! And the Big Bad Wolf, he came to the door He had tasted pork before and wanted some more He said "Little pig, little pig, let me in!", "Not by the hair on my chinnie chin chin!" So he huffed and he puffed and the house collapsed He gobbled up the piggy and that was that! The 3rd little pig was a clever little porker He built his house of mortar and stone It took many hours, but he thought about his brothers And it gave him the strength to get it all done And the Big Bad Wolf, he came to the door He has eaten pork before and wanted some more He said "Little pig, little pig, let me in!" "Not by the hair on my chinnie chin chin!" Wolf tried to break it down, but the house stood strong Now we're nearly at the end of my song Wolf was determined so he climbed up on the roof He thought the chimney was a way to get in But our piggy made a fire for a large pot of soup It was boiling away when the wolf fell in Some cautionary tales can have a happy ending And this is one that I bring to you The mom was invited to a house-warming dinner And they say down and gobbled up a yummy wolf stew
Princess Olivia was a beautiful girl With lovely brown eyes and soft golden curls She loved pretty dresses and to dance and to sing And she loved her parents, the Queen and the King She loved her parents, and they ruled the land With wisdom and justice and a firm and loving hand The Queen said, "Olivia you're not just a pretty face, You're brave and you're clever, please hear what I say. You love to ask questions and you love to laugh, But the best thing of all is you have a kind heart. And one day Olivia, the throne will be yours, So make sure that you learn all the ways of the world." She learnt her numbers and letters of course And she rode through the fields on her pretty white horse Meeting the people who lived on the lands Asking them questions and lending a hand "How does that work?" she'd say, "Please let me try." And they loved her for her kindness and curious mind And then the day came when she turned nineteen Invitations went out from the King and the Queen Young Princes came riding from faraway lands They had heard of her beauty, they were seeking her hand They came with their swords and their muscles and pride To fight for the right to make her their bride They wanted to win her and take her away To live in their castles in lands far away But she loved her kingdom and she wanted to stay So they got on their horses and they rode away Then one stormy night there was a knock at the gate Who could it be, for the hour was late A young man stood there, his cloak it was torn He was hungry and tired and his boots they were worn They invited him in to sit down by the fire And asked who he was in such tattered attire He was a prince who had travelled the world He had adventures and stories to tell He and Olivia talked all through the night And by the time the sun rose she knew he was just right He asked the King and Queen for her hand And so they got married and all in good time They ruled the land
Chorus: The finger that points to the moon is not the moon And you can't feed the heart with a silver spoon Sometimes you might need to break the rules to find the truth The finger that points to the moon is not the moon We are longing for a real connection Looking round for a new direction Past and future hide the truth from sight I have some things that remind me They help to put the past behind me And they change the way from dark to light But the finger that points to the moon is not the moon Suffering comes from resistance And when I lose track of the instant I forget that all I have is now When every breath is a blessing And when the heart and mind are connecting Joys and sorrows are as one somehow The finger that points to the moon is not the moon
Adam and Eve 03:48
Now a long time ago in the garden of Eden, Adam and Eve had it good But they didn't know how good it was, they didn't have to work or go to school They could do as they liked as long as they knew Their Father in Heaven had one simple rule Chorus: Don't eat the apples from the Tree of Knowledge, or everything will change You're still too young to understand, but when you get older I'll explain Follow this rule, that's all I ask, or your life in Paradise it won't last Hey, hey, MMM nana na, listen to what I say Now did I tell you there was somebody else who was always hanging around? It was a little serpent with only one eye, He didn't do much except stare at the ground Wherever Adam went, he went too, and he didn't care about their Father's rule Chorus Now as they got older they hit their teens, and the snake it got bigger too And as they lay in the night he would whisper to Eve about some things that they could do He'd say come on baby let's play games I know a good one called "Roll-in-the-Hay" Chorus What's all the fuss about the Tree of Knowledge, there's nothing wrong with change You're so pretty, come on baby, it's time you started to act your age Your Heavenly Father is overprotective, Watching every move like a damn detective, Hey hey MMM nana na, listen to what I say So Eve took a bite and Adam did too, and the rest is history There was a clap of thunder and a flash of light They saw they were naked, it was clearly revealed They grabbed some leave to try and cover it all, but the one eyed snake was standing tall So their Heavenly Father drove them out of Eden in His Heavenly 4x4
Sometimes I fly like a bird on the wing Straight and true into the light and then I'm falling down to the ground Where do we come from where do we go I could make some guesses but I don't really know I'm learning the way of the heart My head has always got so much to say My heart it is the quiet one and its showing me the way You can't love someone in the hope they will change It's your own heart you have to re arrange And you find that you learn a new way Tigers above and tigers below Roots in the dirt so the flowers can grow And sometimes there's a song Chorus And music is the flowing river The magic thread that weaves my life together I give thanks for the listening The feet that dance the voices that sing It's everything to me All alone and all one These are two different parts of the same song And I'm moving in between I'd like to think we come back again To make things right and to make amends All connected in this dream Some get nothing and some seem to get it all It's the beauty of the Earth that gives me hope


Heartfelt Thanks
First and foremost I have a debt of gratitude (that will probably go forward into the next lifetime) to my lifelong friend Antonio Rivera, and his company, Rootspring. Thank you from my heart.
A special thanks to two beautiful human beings, Ebony and Purity, who always make visiting the studio such a heartwarming experience.
To my brother Jonny Blundell for his brilliant production and gentle support. My brother you are the best! I would definitely choose you
as my producer even if we weren't related.
To my sister Julie, for her authenticity, love, support and talent, and for seeing me through some tough times.
To my loving parents, the late Keith Blundell and my mother
Pamela, you gave us all a musical environment from birth, and
constant encouragement. What a blessing!
To my wonderful sons and their wives: Simon and Tammy, and James and Marissa, and to my two grandchildren Jesse and Olivia, who inspire my music. I am so grateful to have you all in my life.
To my friends who always support me and my music: Nino Rivera
and Sharon Dempers , Mel Miller, Ilse Menck, Andy Nix, Sharyn West and Lucia Walker, Kyoko Kimura, Mary Budin, Anne Foale-Price, Barry and Regine Birkett, Richard and Retha Tait, Robyn Gwilt, Spencer Chaplin and many more.
I feel so grateful for having this amazing opportunity to record my songs with the best musicians around, thank you to each and every
one of you.


released February 11, 2017


The line “THE SHOES DANCED THE GIRL” ( in the song The Red Shoes), is from the inspiring book by Clarissa Pinkola-Estes called “Women Who Run With the Wolves”. Her insights into fairytales are well worth reading.
The line THE FINGER THAT POINTS TO THE MOON IS NOT THE MOON is a Buddhist quote, meaning that the map is not the territory.
My esteemed Aunt Mariota did the Intro to the Dinosaur song, based on the hilarious Monte Python interview with John Cleese as Anne Elk. Known as The Brontosaurus Theory.

ILLUSTRATIONS BY LARA BERGE laraberge.wix.com/laraberge
A ROOTSPRING PRODUCTION www.rootspring.co.za


all rights reserved



Rootspring Cape Town, South Africa

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